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Recent College Commitments by TVLC / MVLC Alumni


Chase Taylor, A/M - Furman University

Louis Fiacco, Defense - College of the Holy Cross



Justin Barragan, LSM - Jacksonville University

Mikeal Eyerman, Defense - University of Delaware

Chase Pymm, Middie - Colorado Mesa University



Johnny Cary, Middie - Colorado Mesa University

Bailey McLaughlin, LSM - Colorado Mesa University

Tyler Palmer, Defense - Colorado Mesa University

Jacob Yordy, LSM - Jacksonville University

Zach Hodges, Middie - Cleveland State University

Austin Cornils, Attackman - University of Northern Colorado

Adam Utter, Attackman - Florida Southern University



Jonathan Donato, Middie - San Marcos State University

Tucker Harris, Middie - Boise State University

Michael Whittall, Attackman - Grand Canyon University



Ryan Chamberlain, Middie - Colorado State University

Hunter Burgette, Middie - North Greenville University

Christian Camp, Attackman - Westminster College

Mike Kay, Middie - Drexel University

Parker Moore, Defense - Adams State University

Brennan Dizon, Middie - United States Merchant Marine Academy

Ian McClure, Defense - Boise State University

Weston Gotuzzo, Middie - Portland State University



Dakota Rohlin, Middie - Jacksonville University

Justin Hong, Attackman - Sonoma State University

Evan Powell, Goalie - Adams State Universtiy



Sean Barragan, Goalie - University of Virginia

Kaya Perez, Middie - Sonoma State University



Aaron Barragan, Defense - University of Virginia

Dillon Bernad, Middie - Concordia University

Jeff Atkinson, Middie - Fullerton State University



Josh Shingleton, Middie - Lees-Mcrae College

Seph Atkinson, Middie - Concordia University



Landon Guntman, Middie - Lees-Mcrae College

Justin Harrington, Middie - Biola University

Ryan Cast, Middie - Northern Arizona University



Elliot Randal, Middie - Concordia University