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Frequently Asked TVLC MVLC Questions

TVLC / MVLC 2018 Fall Box Lacrosse FAQs

Fall Box Lacrosse 2018 FAQs

What are the age levels?  We offer fall lacrosse for both youth and high school players.  Exact age groupings will depend on the number of sign-ups, but we typically break our youth players into three groups, 2nd-4th, 5th-6th, and 7th-8th grade.  Our High School players will be broken into two groups, JV (9th/10th Grade) and Varsity (11th/12th Grade).

 Who should play Fall Box lacrosse?  TVLC/MVLC Fall Box lacrosse is great for new players learning the game, and experienced players working at improving their game.  New players will learn the basics of throwing and catching, and experienced players will improve their ability to pass and catch in small spaces, and place shots with precision.

What makes TVLC / MVLC Box Lacrosse Different?  The biggest difference with TVLC/MVLC box lacrosse is that we do not allow cross-checking and boarding.  Boarding and cross-checking have led to serious injuries, especially with players who don’t have extensive box lacrosse experience.  

When does registration open?  Registration will open in mid-July and run through September 3rd.  Anyone registered after September 3rd will be waitlisted.

What is the Cost? Cost of the TVLC/MVLC Fall Box Lacrosse program is $130 for 2nd-4th, $140 for 5th/6th, $150 for 7th/8th and $175 for High School.  

What Equipment Does my Player Need?  Each player will need the following equipment: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Lacrosse Stick.  The league has a full supply of loaner gear which requires only a $300 deposit check (which will not be cashed but held until equipment is returned).  All players must also have a protective cup and mouthpiece.

What is the Schedule?  Practices are 1 day a week Tuesdays (Time TBD), and games are once a week on Saturdays or Sundays.  There will be at least 8 practice sessions and 8 games.  The fall box lacrosse season will run from September 6th to November 10th (or November 17th if we have multiple weather cancellations). Teams will be assigned after the Sept 6th Practice.

Where will practices and games be held? – Games and practices will be held at Margarita Community Park in Temecula. 

Who will coach?   Most of the area high school coaches and current or former area high school players will be coaching this fall.

How will my child benefit from playing Fall Box Lacrosse?   – Fall Box lacrosse is a great way to learn the game of lacrosse, sharpen stick skill, and learn how to catch and throw in a small confined place.   

How do I register for Fall Box Lacrosse?

1 – You must have your player registered with US Lacrosse ( )

2 – You must register as a parent at

3- You must then register your player


Register at or beginning in mid July 2017.

TVLC / MVLC 2018 Spring Lacrosse FAQs

TVLC / MVLC Spring Lacrosse 2018 FAQs

What are the age levels?  We offer spring lacrosse for youth players only.   High School players should play with their respective High School Program for the Spring Season.   Age groupings are set by the leagues that we play in, spring groupings are K-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, and 7th-8th grade.

Who should play Spring TVLC/MVLC lacrosse?  TVLC/MVLC Spring lacrosse is great for new players learning the game, and experienced players working at improving their game.  Our spring season is our core recreational season, but depending on the number of signups, we will have A (more experienced) and B (less experienced) level teams.  We will practice for the first two weeks as a combined group before we break into A and B level teams.

What makes TVLC/MVLC Spring Lacrosse different?  The biggest difference with TVLC/MVLC lacrosse is that we emphasize stick skills, passing, and playing lacrosse the way that high school and college lacrosse is played.  Many other youth and club organizations emphasize dodging and physicality.  Dodging and physicality are important parts of the game, and we do not ignore these aspects of the game.  We have found that an over-reliance on dodging and physicality often results in an incomplete and weaker high school level lacrosse player.  There are currently five high school lacrosse seniors commited in the Temecula/Murrieta area, and all of them started and built their fundamentals with TVLC.  Every player that is currently playing college lacrosse from this area got his start with TVLC.

When does registration open?  Registration for Spring 2017 will open in mid-September and will run through January 31st.  We will not take any late registrations for the Spring season.

What is the Cost? Registration will remain open until Jan 31st, or until teams are filled.

  • K-2nd Grade (Co-Ed) - $175 - Early Bird Pricing
  • 3rd/4th Grade (Co-Ed) - $250 - Early Bird Pricing
  • 5th/6th Grade - $300 - Early Bird Pricing
  • 7th/8th Grade - $350 - Early Bird Pricing

Do I have to have a US Lacrosse membership?  Yes, the cost is $25-$35 per player, but, lacrosse is a contact sport, and while injuries are rare in our Spring league, they do occur; the US Lacrosse membership provides additional insurance benefits for your child, and is a requirement for our league insurance.

What is the Schedule?  Practices are 2-3 days a week, and games are once a week on Saturdays or Sundays.  Typically 5th/6th Grade and 7th/8th Grade games are played on Saturdays, and 1st/2nd Grade and 3rd/4th Grade games are played on Sundays.   Some local games will also be played mid-week, but these will be rare.  The spring lacrosse season will run from the first weekend of February to the third week of May, with the first games starting the first or second weekend of March.  Players will be notified of exact practice schedule in mid to late January.

Where will practices and games be held? – For our Murrieta teams, practices will likely be held at Los Alamos Sports Park.  For our Temecula teams we typically practice at Temecula Elementary or Temecula Middle School.  We will not know exact field locations and practice times until early January.

What is the TVLC/MVLC player development model?


The TVLC / MVLC Player Development Model


The Temecula Valley Lacrosse Club has developed our Lacrosse Player Development Model over our 12 year history.  Our model consists of three critical components, 1. Coaching, 2. Competition, and 3. Chemistry.  Ten players that started their lacrosse careers with TVLC will enter college as Div 1 or Div 2 scholarship athletes between this year and 2018, so the model has a proven track record of results.


  1.    Coaching – The foundation of TVLC/MVLC youth lacrosse is coaching.  Our TVLC/MVLC coaches have an average of 15 years of experience playing and coaching lacrosse at all levels.  Most of our coaches played lacrosse in High School and College, you can view most of our coaches and their playing and coaching experience at Our coaches place a strong emphasis on lacrosse fundamentals, and Team Play.  Many youth organizations simply give the ball to their biggest or best athlete and have them dodge through defenders and go to the goal.  This may be effective at the youth level but not at the high school level or above.  No matter the level of play, “Team Lacrosse” will always win over “Me Lacrosse” and Team Lacrosse is what we coach. When you watch a lacrosse game and a team has quick ball movement with several players moving the ball for an assisted goal, that’s solid team ball and that’s what we strive for. That is also what our high school coaches want to see when your sons and daughters step on the field as freshmen.
  2.    Competition – Competition is the second key component of player development.  As players are learning the very basic fundamentals of the game, we try to place them in games where the competition is at roughly the same skill level.  We try to avoid overwhelming a team of new players, by having them play against a team of much more experienced players.  At the same time we want to try and challenge players when they are ready, by exposing them to higher levels of competition.  As a league, we do this by having A & B level teams in those areas where we have enough players.  We also encourage our more experienced players to “play-up” on older or higher level teams, or by inviting them to play on our tournament teams.  Our very best, and most experienced players are invited to play with Team 12 National Teams, where they will play against many of the top lacrosse players in the nation.  For each of the last three seasons, we have kicked off our spring youth recreational lacrosse season by attending the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Festival, where our players are able to play with, and against, some of the best players in in the West.
  3.    Chemistry – The concept of developing chemistry by players playing together as much as possible is the last component of the player development model.  The TVLC/MVLC philosophy has ALWAYS been to assemble our youth teams based on the high school they will ultimately attend.  We try to do this for several reasons. 1. Regardless of the variation of skill levels on your team, these are the players that you will be playing with in high school. You can both build chemistry and improve as a team at the youth level or you can wait until they are in high school to suffer through those growing pains. 2. We also believe in teaching solid lacrosse fundamentals at the youth level which is another reason that we try to field “school based” teams instead of promoting Elite or All-star teams.  There will be plenty of elite and all-star teams at the high school level and beyond. At the youth level you should learn proper form and function and build a solid lacrosse IQ. Know where to be and when to be there. Learn how to react to where the ball is and what the current situation of the game is. This philosophy and method will build the chemistry that is needed at the next level.  For our Elementary & Middle School Fall Box season, where rosters are smaller, we structure our teams based on schools the players attend, to develop that chemistry. Unfortunately, we have never reached the number of players in the Spring recreational season, that we would need, to structure youth teams as “high-school” feeder teams.  In Temecula, with three high schools, we would need 90 players at each age band.   Last year in Temecula we had 34, 5th & 6th grade players, and 38, 7th & 8th grade players.  With the growth of lacrosse in the area, we may ultimately reach the number of players needed. This has been our vision and goal for the last five years. We are waiting for the participation level to increase in order to reach this goal. Join TVLC/MVLC so we can grow this great sport together.

How do I register for Spring Lacrosse?

1 – You must have your player registered with US Lacrosse ( )

2 – You must register as a parent:  (If this is your first time registering, you will need to click the sign-up button in the bottom right corner to set-up your parent case)

Boy's -

Girl's -

3- You must then register your player

Boy's -

Girl's -


Register at or beginning in November 2017.

Register at (see "Registration" link above)